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Workshop 3: Microphone and Vocal Skills

We were in The Stove Network in Dumfries where we were joined by Gary Gillespie. Gary is a singer from Dumfries who has fronted multiple bands, most notably, the band Turbyne. Lately, Gary has been perusing a side project as a drag artist called Silco Jinx.

Gary had a chat with Oor Hoose Mates about how to use a microphone correctly during a show. As simple as this may seem, this is a skill that is usually learned through trial and error, so this is a massive leg up for Oor Hoose Mates. Gary lead exercises which built the confidence of Oor Hoose Mates when handling a mic.

On top of that, Gary discussed how to effectively communicate with a sound technician during a show so Oor Hoose Mates can sound as good as they possibly can.

A massive thank you to The Stove Network for allowing us to use their space and to Gary for coming in and sharing your knowledge!

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