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Workshop 2: Make Up Masterclass

We were back in The Theatre Royal in Dumfries for our second workshop. We were joined by Make Up Artist Ryan Blain who came in to show Oor Hoose Mates some industry secrets to help level up their make up skills.

Ryan Blain started his career as a freelance make up artist in Dumfries and went on to be an industry professional for MAC Cosmetics in Glasgow. Ryan also practices as a drag artist known as Vexx.

For this workshop, Ryan shared his story about how he got started in the industry, tips and tricks to help elevate Oor Hoose Mate's own makeup skills and Ryan also asked the Hoose Mates to colour in face maps whilst he worked.

A massive thank you to The Theatre Royal in Dumfries for having us in their studio, and to Ryan Blain for sharing all his wisdom and talent with Oor Hoose.

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