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Oor Hoose Showcase May 2024

Oor Hoose held its first event on May the 10th since constituting as a company. The Event was the culmination of six weeks worth of hard work and learning through Oor Workshops. Our three performers, did an amazing job at entertaining the crowd that came along to cheer them on.

Aria Dusk - Charlie

Charlie is a drag artist from Dumfries. This was his first time performing with Hoose in its current or previous form. He used a variety of props to bring his performances to life and we were really impressed with how much he applied from the workshops to his performances on the night.

Baby Morticia - Jack

Jack is no stranger to Oor Hoose. Jack was a part of Oor Hoose's firt ever event before it constituted as a company and it has been a privilege to watch him transform into the performer he is today. Not only growing in confidence, but in skill as well.

Jack decided that he wanted to do four performances on the 10th of May as his alter-ego, Baby Morticia. Jack, who was once fearful of a microphone, spoke to the audeince confidently and clearly.

Jess Sayin' - Amy

Amy is also no stranger to Oor Hoose. They performed at our last event before constituting as a company last year. Rather than taking the traditional aproach, Amy uses their drag persona to do stand up comedy and storytelling.

Amy gave us too hilarious stories, and we could see that they used a lot of the skills we offered up during the workshops.

A massive thank you to The Stove Network and Café for letting us use your space to rehearse, perform and hold workshops in over the past 5 weeks. A massive thank you to our friends at the Threatre Royal in Dumfries for having us for the first 2 workshops as well.

Of course, we couldn't have done this without the backing of the Holywood Trust, so thank you to them, in particualr Sammie who has helped us every step of the way. We look forwrad to working with you all again in the future.

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